The tempo method is a localized muscular endurance method, not to be confused with tempo intervals. This is a form of strength training that develops endurance in the muscles targeted during the method. More specifically, the tempo method develops the ability of the slow-twitch fibers to oxidize the by-products of the fast-twitch fibers. The keys to the tempo method are: • Use a weight that is about 40% of the athlete’s 1 rep max • Follow a 2-second tempo for the concentric and eccentric phases of the lift • Do 8-10 reps • Rest for 40-60 seconds between sets • Repeat 4-6 sets Say the tempo count out loud for your athletes when they first start using this method so that they learn the right pace. Athletes tend to shorten the time spent in the concentric phase of the lift as they fatigue. If you see this happen, cue the athletes to maintain the proper tempo. As the athletes develop greater muscular endurance, you can decrease the rest interval to 40 seconds.