Start med stangen ved knæene og bøj dig forover uden at bøje alt for meget i knæene. Hold ved stangen i skulderbredde og med modsatrettede hænder. Rejs dig ved at strække i hoften. Træner øverste del af dødløftet.

Rack pull træner den øverste fase af dødløft. Stangen starter ved knæene i stedet for på gulvet.

Fordele ved rackpulls er, at de styrker ballemusklerne, baglårene, kropsstammen, øvre ryg og grebsstyrken. Rack pulls er særligt god til at opbygge musklerne i den øvre ryg.

  • Deadlift Substitute. If your lower back keeps rounding on Deadlifts, you could do Rack Pulls while working on hip mobility.
  • Overload. Depending on the height at which you start and your sticky point, Rack Pull can let you hande heavier weights than Deadlifts.
  • Hip Power. Correctly performed Rack Pulls start from a dead stop with little knee extension. This builds a strong, explosive posterior chain.

Rack Pull Starting Position. Set the safety pins so the bar starts below your kneecaps. Get used to this height before trying different ones.

  • Foot Stance. Shoulder-width stance with toes slightly out. Curl your toes up. Jump up a few times: that’s the stance for Rack Pulls.
  • Shins Vertical to The Floor. Neglecting to do so involves your quads. Put your shins perpendicular to the floor when looking from the side.
  • Grip Width. Too small & your hands touch your legs on the way up. Too wide & you have to pull the bar higher. Use about 51cm/20″ grip width.
  • Gripping the Bar. Put the bar close to your fingers, not in the palm of your hands. This will minimize callus formation & torn skin.
  • Straight Arms. Pulling with bent arms can tear your biceps muscles. Keep your arms straight. Tighten your triceps.
  • Bar Against Your Shins. The closer the bar, the easier the lift. Put the bar against your shins, just below your kneecaps.
  • Shoulder-blades above The Bar. When looking from the side: shoulders in front of the bar and shoulder-blades above the bar.
  • Chest Up. Shoulder blades back & down, chest up. Imagine someone puts a pen between your shoulder-blades and you try to squeeze it.
  • Straight Neck. Safer for your cervical spine. Keep your neck inline with the rest of your spine.

How to Perform Rack Pulls. Once you’ve set up correctly, the Rack Pull is like a Deadlift: push the floor away from you until lockout.

  • Push Through the Floor. Curl your toes up and push through the floor. Think of pushing the floor away from you.
  • Keep the Bar Close to You. The closer, the safer & easier. Start with the bar against your shins. Roll it over your thighs until lockout.
  • Bring Your Hips Forward. Push from the heels & squeeze your glutes hard. This prevents pulling with the lower back.
  • Lock Your Hips. No need to roll your shoulders or hyper-extend your lower back. Rack Pulls end when your knees & hips are locked.

Lower the bar by pushing your hips back until the bar hits the safety pins.

Common Mistakes on Rack Pulls. The biggest mistake is the shoulder & shin position: bad positioning kills posterior chain emphasis.

  • Dropping Your Knees Forward. Involves your quads instead of your hips. Put your knees perpendicular to the floor. Push your hips back.
  • Shoulders over The Bar. Usually coupled with knees forward. Shoulders in front of the bar, shoulder-blades above the bar.
  • Looking Forward. Hyper-extending your neck increases risks of cervical spine injury. Keep your neck inline with the rest of your spine.
  • Bending Your Arms. Can tear your biceps when pulling heavy weights. Pull with straight arms, tighten your triceps.
  • Bending Your Back. Harder to do here compared to Deadlifts, but still possible. Big chest, shoulder-blades back & down, tight upper-back.
  • Hyper-extending at The Top. Posteriorly stresses your lumbar discs. Lock your hips at the top, and come back, no need to hyper-extend.

Check the video below on how NOT to perform Rack Pulls. 3 errors: shoulders over the bar with knees dropped forward, hyper-extending the lower back at the top and hyper-extending the neck. Avoid all of these on Rack Pulls.

Rackpull Rackpull Rackpull
Muskelgruppe: Baglår, Baller, Ryg
Træningsform: Styrketræning
Træningsfokus: hoftedomineret
Udstyr: vægtstang

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