The goal of the explosive repeat method is to develop the explosive endurance of the fast- twitch fibers. Like many other training methods, explosive repeats provide an opportunity

to train recovery using dynamic energy control. Choose an explosive exercise that makes it easy to measure power output or distance covered. The featured exercise is called “double-leg bounds,’ and it’s especially beneficial for sports with an explosive lower body component. Guidelines for doing explosive repeats are: • Use work periods of 8-10 seconds (around 10-12 bounds, if doing double-leg bounds) • Cover as much distance as possible with each explosive burst—mark this distance • Actively recover for 60 seconds while focusing on dynamic energy control • Repeat the explosive work period until the athlete can no longer cover the same distance each time Clearly establish the target number of repetitions for each athlete and emphasize their improvement from week-to-week. As athletes’ fitness improve, they should work up to 10-20 sets of explosive repeats. As you get closer to the competitive season, increase the work periods and decrease rest periods.