Cardiac power intervals use the highest intensity possible to drive the heart rate up to the maximum level. The goal of this method is to develop the contractility of the heart at the highest heart rates. Cardiac power intervals allow you to coach technique and skill under fatigue since this is an extremely tiring method. As athletes’ heart rates rise, reinforce proper mechanics by cuing any lapsing areas of their technique. General guidelines for cardiac power intervals are: • Increase the heart rate to maximum while maintaining proper technique • Maintain the maximum heart rate for 20-30 seconds • Immediately transition to a front plank or sport-specific movement for 60 seconds • Bring the heart rate down to 120-130 bpm as quickly as possible using dynamic energy control • Repeat this process for a total of 2-4 sets You can use sport-specific exercises or sprints, or lower-impact methods such as the VerasClimber to perform this method. Use the time after the work period to train sport-specific skill/movement or to develop core endurance under fatigue. This method is best used at the end of the pre-season to build off of the fitness foundation developed in the off-season and early pre-season. It should not be used with beginners. You can gauge changes in fitness with this method by comparing the distance the athlete covers from one rep to the next and seeing how this changes each week. As athletes improve, the disparity in distance covered from one rep to the next should decrease.