Both the cadence and resistance of this method engage the fast-twitch muscle fibers over longs periods of time. Increase the exercise resistance to the point where the athlete slows down while still activating the fast-twitch fibers. The Keiser bike or VersaClimber work very well for this purpose. The guidelines for High Intensity Continuous Training (HICT) on the Keiser bike are: • Set the resistance level to about 20 • Maintain a speed of 25-30rpm • Perform 10-20 minutes of total work • Keep heart rate below the anaerobic threshold As the athlete fatigues, focus on coaching proper technique while maintaining a constant power output. The HICT method facilitates recovery in addition to developing fast-twitch fiber endurance. The concentric-only nature of the HICT movements incurs less tissue stress than eccentric movements. This method also increases blood flow to fast-twitch fibers which often accumulate the most training fatigue; the result is a decrease in recovery time. When using HICT for active recovery, adjust the total work time to 5-10 minutes.